Using Print on Demand technology, we supply our books to seed companies, libraries, wholesalers, and individuals.

Current publications include:

Growing Stevia for Market: Farm, Garden, and Nursery Cultivation of the Sweet Herb, Stevia rebaudiana (ISBN 978-0-9786293-5-9) $29.00 retail

Growing and Using Stevia: The Sweet Leaf from Garden to Table with 35 Recipes (ISBN 978-0-9786293-3-5) $10.00 retail

Stevia Sweet Recipes: Sugar-Free – Naturally! (ISBN 1-890612-13-8) Written by Jeffrey Goettemoeller, published by Square One Publishers

Organic Container Gardening: Grow Pesticide-Free Fruits & Vegetables in Small Spaces (ISBN: 978-0-9786293-6-6) $14.00 retail

Sustainable Ethanol: Biofuels, Biorefineries, Cellulosic Biomass, Flex-Fuel Vehicles, and Sustainable Farming for Energy Independence (ISBN 978-0-9786293-0-4) $17.00 retail

Building Home Shrines: Bringing Catholic Culture into our Homes & Schools through Art, Symbols, & Sacramentals (ISBN 978-0-9786293-1-1) $12.00 retail


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