Building Home Shrines

Written by Constance Malewski.

A covert to the Catholic faith, Connie enjoys bringing beauty and a sense of the sacred into the life of her family by building home shrines. “After a hard day, during times of stress, or while in prayer,” she writes, “it is a pleasure to sit or kneel at a home shrine. A beautifully constructed shrine will add to the attractiveness of a room, foster thoughts that turn one toward God, help us remember to pray, and bring a sense of well being and dignity to a home.”

In this book, Connie explains how to make pedestals and backdrops, achieve unity through theme, materials, and color, share your faith by building shrines with children, and make “pocket shrines” to carry anywhere. Nineteen color photos by Stephanie Hesse illustrate these simple techniques and provide plenty of ideas to get started.


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