Growing and Using Stevia – Book Contents

List of Figures



Chapter 1. About the Stevia Plant

Plant Description

Day Length

Stevia in the Wild

Chapter 2. Outdoor Soil and Culture

Garden Soil



Timing for Transplanting

Plant Care

Chapter 3. Houseplants

Overwintering Outdoor Plants

Watering Houseplants

Potting up Houseplants

Fertilizing Houseplants

Lighting for Houseplants

Chapter 4. Propagation by Cuttings

Making Cuttings

Caring for Cuttings

Outdoor Propagation from Cuttings

Chapter 5. Propagation from Seed

Shopping List for Seed Starting

Directions for Seed Starting

Chapter 6. Harvest and Storage

Chapter 7. Processing Stevia Leaves

Stevia Leaf Water Extract

Green Stevia Powder

Chapter 8. Stevia in the Kitchen

Chapter 9. Recipes

Appendix: Stevia Sources and Resources


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Recipe Index