Growing Stevia for Market – Book Contents

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Chapter 1. Climate and Day Length

Plant Hardiness Zones

Perennial or Annual Production

Choosing a Stevia Field Production Cycle

Perennial Production with Winter Dormancy

Photoperiod and Leaf Yield

Sunshine and Glycoside Content

Stevia’s Critical Day Length for Blossoming

Determining Day Length

Field Transplant Timing Above 15° Latitude

Field Harvest Timing Above 15° Latitude

Field Transplant Timing Below 15° Latitude

Field Harvest Timing Below 15° Latitude

Chapter 2. Plant Propagation

Choosing a Propagation Method

Growing Media

Starting Stevia from Seed

Propagating Stevia from Stem Cuttings

Propagating Stevia with Crown Divisions

Breeding through Selection

Chapter 3. Field Preparation and Plant Care

Field Location

Soils and Fertilization

Field Tillage



Weed Control

Row Covers

Plant Pruning

Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities

Pests and Diseases

Chapter 4. Field Planting

Planting Density

Transplanting to the Field

Chapter 5. Harvesting and Postharvest

Cutting and Gathering

Drying Stevia Leaves

Separating Leaves from Stems

Leaf Storage and Shipping

Chapter 6. Marketing and Economics

Enterprise Budgeting

Selling Dried Leaves Wholesale

Dry Leaf Yields from Small‐Scale Trials

Dry Leaf Yields from Large‐Scale Trials

Selling Dried Leaves Retail

Selling Stevia Plants

Fresh Stevia Leaves

On‐Farm Processing

Appendix 1: Field Trial Summaries

Appendix 2: Stevia Leaf Buyers

Appendix 3: Selected Resources




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