Stevia Sweet Recipes

This book by Jeffrey Goettemoeller offers health-conscious readers over 165 creative recipes, developed in the Goettemoeller family kitchen, using stevia as the sweetener. Learn how to incorporate this amazing herb into your own recipes and begin to sweeten your cookies, cakes, pies, puddings, jellies, jams, salads, sauces, and main courses the natural way — with stevia! British artist Susan Cavaciuti adds 25 illustrations to this reader-friendly recipe book.


Stevia is an herbal sweetener which, in its extracted form, is over 200 times sweeter than sugar. Non-glycemic, safe, and virtually calorie-free, stevia offers a healthy, natural alternative to cooking with refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.

It sounds too good to be true: a super sweet herbal extract with no calories. Stevia rebaudiana, also known as sweet leaf, honey leaf, or sweet herb, is all this and more. Stevia is a South American plant packed with super-sweet glycoside molecules, mainly stevioside and rebaudioside. Glycosides are common in plants, but those in stevia are unique for their incredible sweetness, 200-300 times sweeter than cane sugar. The whole leaf is up to 15 times sweeter than cane sugar. Can something so sweet be good for you? You bet! Stevia is calorie free and does not cause swings in blood sugar levels, making it safe for people with diabetes and hypoglycemia. Stevia also inhibits the bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay. No wonder stevia is used in mouthwash and toothpastes, adding a pleasant flavor. Whether you are looking to cut back on sugar, lose weight, or control blood sugar, stevia can make it easier naturally.

Since stevia is much sweeter than sugar, you can’t just substitute it for sugar straight up. That’s why Stevia Sweet Recipes: Sugar-Free – Naturally! was written with 168 family recipes. This book delivers the very best results from hundreds of trials using whole, healthy ingredients.

You’ll learn other important things about cooking with stevia in this book, as well. Unlike aspartame, stevia is heat-stable. With a good recipe, it works in most foods. Dry stevia products also have a long shelf life at room temperature. Use at the table and in beverages is simple. Just add a little at a time until the taste is right. It takes persistence, however, to adapt complex recipes for stevia. Because of its astounding sweetness, very little stevia is required. Other ingredients must supply bulk normally provided by sugar or other sweeteners. Sometimes bulk can be supplied by increasing or adding other ingredients like flour or applesauce. In addition, the small amount of stevia must be distributed evenly throughout the other ingredients. This usually means adding stevia to dry or liquid ingredients before combining the two. When it comes to green stevia powder, one must be mindful of the taste. Ingredients must be selected and adjusted to interact harmoniously with the stevia. Green stevia powder simply does not work with some foods. Stevia extract powder works with a wide variety of foods and acts as a flavor enhancer in some cases. A few stevia dishes taste better the next day, as time seems to improve the flavor. Those recipes are noted in Stevia Sweet Recipes.


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