Our consulting work is spurred by a delight in nature – in both the wonders of the physical world, as well as human nature. We promote natural foods, creative and wise use of our land and resources, learning and development in young children, and state & local economies that are both strong and visionary enough to provide the opportunity for people to flourish.

With extensive expertise in state and federal early education and family-centered programs, policies, data, and financing strategies, we place particular emphasis on consulting work that enables young children to thrive – in their families, in their local communities, in Nebraska, and across the country.

We offer strategic counsel in public affairs, build strong relationships on behalf of our clientele, and inform design methods so research can be more readily utilized by policymakers.

All of our consulting work is done across the political divide and with the highest respect for collaboration between public, private, and faith-based sectors.

To inquire about consulting services, email Jen Goettemoeller Wendl at or dial (402) 617-0911.