Why Nebraska

With advanced technology, our business could be located anywhere in the world. Why do we choose Nebraska? We’re glad you asked.

  • There is nothing more important to us than raising our family. From our schools, communities of faith, and opportunities for civic engagement, Nebraska provides the environment for a way of life we’re grateful for every day.
  • The home of Arbor Day and Nature Explore, there is no shortage of outdoor adventures to experience in Nebraska. We love the weather, the wildlife, and everything in between. Find a new favorite hike/bike trail, watch a powerful spring thunderstorm roll across the prairie, or perfect your golf swing on one of Nebraska’s beautiful greens. Visit Nebraska for the start of your next great adventure.
  • Nebraska knows how to grow. We grow many of our family’s own fruits and vegetables, and enjoy the freshest produce in the country. We enjoy the bounty of farmer’s markets, as well as grocery stores and local restaurants that offer delicious, organic produce that we can feel good about.
  • Unique among states, Nebraska boasts the country’s only Unicameral Legislature. In addition to its fiscal prudence and easy access to elected officials, our one-house system enhances transparency and promotes genuine deliberation.
  • Our healthy business climate makes it easy to do business here, especially as an entrepreneur. Nebraska ranks in the top quarter of states in FORBES’ Best States for Business.

If this lifestyle appeals to you, learn more about starting a business in or relocating to Nebraska.